How to Learn Sketching for Ceed 2020?

Sketching is the important aspect in Common Entrance Exam which is the most scoring also. Sketch should be clear and and deliver the idea at first instance. You need not to be extraordinary in terms of sketching but a simple sketching with proper perspective and shading is more than enough in Ceed Exam.

I have been receiving many messages regarding the level of sketching. The expert level of design in social media site is distracting students.So read this full article and you will come to know the level of expertise and steps to follow to learn sketching from ground level.


Ceed Part B is mainly concern on design part and this part carry more marks than Part A. So you all should focus on sketching part also.

Take this case

No doubt this sketching seems very nice, clear and understandable. If you know this level you are awesome. But honestly speaking this level is not required in Ceed Examination. If you are beginner or average in sketching .Guys you all need not to worry because Ceed Examiner is more concern regarding design ideas. So guys don’t panic by seeing others work in facebook sites and many others social media sites. There is a systematic approach you should know:


Every picture has some kind of perspective. It means the view that appears to our eye. Perspective has the concept of Vanishing point.

Vanishing point means edges/lines covering/diverging towards at a point. It may be new concept for you. But as you know practice makes man perfect. So firstly start line drawing, then pick some images from and start copying them. You can say this to copy drawing. Always remember you should contain all your sketching at one place. You can purchase new drawing book or A4 pages. It will help you when you revise.

After going through this basic step, start drawing room in perspective and also include table, chairs, bed in perspective also. At this point, you need not to focus on shading part. Just focus on perspective.

After this step you should Google different product and start sketching like Laptops, Desktop, Aeroplane, Guitar, Car e.t.c. You can copy drawing of these products using Google.

After this you should know how to draw objects and products. It only comes with practice of day to day life products and observation.


Proportion is also an important aspect while sketching. So we should focus on size and proportion of an object.

Once you start practicing in perspective and proportion. Now you can give shading and little details to your sketching. Always remember you should keep your sketched drawing at one place.

Practice portraits, automobile sketching, comic strips and story board framing.

Based on my experience I suggest :

Best Book For Beginner:

How to Draw What You See (Practical Art Books) Paperback – Special Edition, 1 – By De Reyna, Rudy 

This is not one day job, but nothing is impossible, makes your mind that you can and you will.

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