Ceed 2020 Syllabus

Ceed 2020 examination will be conducted in two parts: Part A and Part B.

Part A :

Part A will have questions related to these topics:

1.Visualization and Spatial Ability.

2. Environmental and Social Awareness.

3. Analytical and Logical Reasoning.

4. Language and Creativity.

5. Design Thinking and Problem Solving.

6. Observation and Design Sensitivity.

  1. Visualization and Spatial AbilityIn this type of question examiner will assess digrammatic and pictorial visualization of candidates, 2D shapes and 3D objects and relationship between them.You can check the type of question by clicking on 2017 question paper solution:http://www.designexamguide.co.in/ceed-2017-question-paper-solution/ 
  2. Environmental and Social Awareness:Awareness of environmental factors like climate,weather,pollution,vegetation,water,population e.t.c. and their relationship with design of products,awareness of design terminology,history of art,sculpture and litrerature.
  3. Analytical and Logical Reasoning: Analytically understand the problem and solve logically the given problem with most appropriate solution.
  4. Language and Creativity: Understand the question in english language and solve the problem with out of the box approach.
  5. Design Thinking and Problem Solving: Examiner will check the appropriate solution for a given design problem.
  6. Observation and Design Sensitivity: Ability to detect hidden properties in day to day life and think critically to solve them.

Part B:

  1. Drawing.
  2. Creativity.
  3. Communication Skills.
  4. Problem Identification Skills.
  1. Drawing: Draw Products,people or scenes in proper proposition and good quality,perspective,shades and composition.
  2. Creativity: Draw unique and creative design by thinking out of the box.
  3. Communication Skills: Draw idea and concepts properly with the help of text and diagram.
  4. Problem Identification Skills:Understand the user and context,knowledge of properties of materials and their proper use in design.
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Ceed 2020 Syllabus
1.Visualization and Spatial Ability.2. Environmental and Social Awareness.3. Analytical and Logical Reasoning.4. Language and Creativity.5. Design Thinking and Problem Solving.6. Observation and Design Sensitivity.
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