Ceed 2017 Question Paper Solution

Ceed 2017 Question Paper Solution

CEED 2017 Question Paper Solution:

1. How many unique shapes are shown in the image below:
Ans: To solve this type of question, try unique character defining to each unique image
Ceed 2017 Solution
Sometimes, we recognize the images and sometimes not, so the best way is to term them with unique character, I am doing here column wise like: To, Mo, Pi, Ca, Pe, He , OX, Ho,Ra,Go,Do,Ma,Rb,De,Sn, El, Tid, Cl.

After counting them:18

18 is the answer.
This type of question is easily solved with this approach.
2. If B is an extruded form A, how many surfaces will the extruded form of C have?
Ceed 2017 solution
To solve this type of question visualization is needed, C has 6 wings which has 8 side surfaces so
6*8=48 surfaces
and one upper and lower surface of image c as a whole.
also 1 surface between the wings of circular portion so 6*1=6
Total Surfaces: 48=6+1+1=56.
3.Four Box are shown below.The numbers within each box have a some specific relationship.What number would replace the question mark?
Ceed 2017
In this  type of question, there is a relationship with numbers and we have to find out the missing number 
Approach: Relationship may be within the box or outside the box, First, try within the box, you can see here that multiplication of below 2 number is the answer of the upper box.
6*6=36,2*8=16,7*6=42 so 9*4=36 The answer would be 6.
4. A square with a side of 5 cm was cut along the dotted lines as shown in the figure.This created a square piece of side 3cm. The centres of the two sides are the same.What is the area of shaded portion?
Ceed 2017
We have to find out the area of colored image:
Area of colored portion=
1/4(Area of square having side 5 – Area of square having side 3)
Area of square side 5= 5*5 =25
Area of square having side 3 =3*3=9
so 1/4(25-9)=4.
5.A forest lies between two parts of a city.How many unique routes are there to go from the west side to point A in the east side without retracing any portion of the route?
CEED 2017
For solution of Question no 5 click here
CEED 2017
How many pentagons are there in the 3d structure?
To solve this type of questions visualization is needed ,1 pentagon is surrounded by 5 hexagon and then alternate hexagon and pentagone.5 pentagone alternate and just because of symmetry same struc5ure is repeated. so 1+5+5+1  gives  12 Pentagons.
Design Exam Guide
In this question, we have to find out blue cubes in 4x8x8 tightly packed structure.
Approach: To solve this type of question, We have to approach each Row missing blue cubes:-
Row 1 =0, Row 2=2(assume blue above the white),Row 3=3,Row 4=32-23=9
In Row4 we count total blue without missing(8×8=64,64/2=32) and 23 is visible so missing would be 32-23=9.
After Adding 2+3+9=14.
Total Blue Cubes in 4*8*8 is 256/2=128 so ans would be 128-14=114.
8. Solution of question no is Click here
For Question No 9 Click here
If in the question Total No of surfaces where asked then the approach would be Click Here
Diameter=42 cm, LRMNOP=? π=22/7
Solution= LR=21, RM=21, MN=π x 21= 22/7 x 21= 66, NO’= π/2 x 21= 33,
O’O=OP’ and O’O= OT=TO’ so now we will calculate OP’PT=
OP’=OT==TP’ and P’OTP=π x 21 =22/7 x 21 = 66 so OP’=66/3=22 and OT=22
So 21+21+66+33+22+22+66=251
11. For Question no 11 click here


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